Kardia Ventures invest in RAZE Network to strengthen Cross-chain privacy and DeFi compatibility

Kardia Ventures
2 min readMar 31, 2021


Kardia Ventures, an investment branch of KardiaChain Foundation, has a strategic investment in RAZE Network to step further into assuring customer’s privacy in the blockchain landscape and expand both brands’ ecosystem. With Raze Network capability in Mint, Redeem and Transfer for anonymising any token, we believe this will bring the best benefits in their private on-chain and cross-chain transactions.

The application of blockchain in the DeFi movement bring trustful and transparency to any transaction made with valid data and information in the records. However, there is a portion of users prefer their action to be anonymous for their personal interest. The more the adoption of blockchain grows, the more security users demand in order to assure their digital properties safety. RAZE Network as a middleware to create private token with minting value ratio of 1:1, along with compatibility on all DeFi and Web 3.0 products is a crucial expansion for KardiaChain ecosystem.

About RAZE Network

RAZE Network is a platform that would allow users to act anonymously in DeFi, operate as a cross-chain privacy protocol for Polkadot. RAZE Network is trusted by big names in blockchain industry such as Signum Capital, Moonwhale, Spark Digital Capital, Master Ventures; featured on credible news such as Yahoo!Finance, Hackernoon, CoinMarketCap, ChainNews, Bitcoinist and NewsBTC

Find out more about RAZE Network:

Website: https://raze.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/R4ZE_Network