Kardia Ventures invest in Spl.yt

Kardia Ventures
2 min readApr 1, 2021


Kardia Ventures, the investment arm of KardiaChain — the leading blockchain network in Vietnam, has made an strategic investment in Spl.yt, a leading NFT infrastructure to power decentralized Finance & E-commerce markets.

Throughout 2020, DeFi became the most trending topic in the crypto ecosystem and is a critical element that is instrumental to the recent bull run that has elevated bitcoin to its new all time high. With the increased adoption of DeFi, this new trend in crypto has paved the way for other sectors in the space.

One of the DeFi segments that has appealed greatly to the traditional enterprises and e-commerce is Non Fungible Tokens and other associated projects, which saw a reasonable rise in 2020. NFT data resource, NonFungible.com reported that NFT sales came close to $1 million within the first week of September 2020.

With a healthy growth of E-commerce markets in Vietnam (30% per annum), the strategic investment in Splyt is paving the way for Kardia Ventures and its parent company KardiaChain to collaborate with Spl.yt management to expand its product usage to the Vietnamese market. This opportunity also bonds our technical teams to explore potential synergies to integrate Spl.yt dApp onto our protocol to unleash more benefits for Kai Membership users as well as unlocking growth with expansion revenue for Spl.yt

To learn more about Spl.yt, please visit: spl.yt — decentralized e-commerce