Kardia Ventures invests in a Creator Chain to help businesses in building DApps effortlessly

Kardia Ventures
2 min readJun 11, 2021


Kardia Ventures, the investment arm of KardiaChain — the leading interoperable blockchain network in Vietnam, has made a strategic investment in Creator, a Block-as-a-service platform to simplify and enhance users’ experiences in the blockchain landscapes.

2021 is on the way to become a year of re-modeling for many businesses. Due to the impact of the pandemic, more businesses are seeking solutions to catch up with the digital transformation trend. However, the process for blockchain adoption might bring challenges to those without actual knowledge and coding skills.

Creator Chain provides solutions for As a Polkadot-based platform, Creator aims for true interoperability, user-driven network governance, and customizations that focus on DEFI and Smart contracts. With Creator Platform’s services and options, everyone can upload their business on blockchain economically and efficiently.

The Creator Main Service Platforms are as follows:

No Code Smart Contract: Developers can easily create/ build/ test/ deploy EVM compatible smart contracts without having blockchain skills.

Low Code DApp: The ready-for-production web app that includes audited smart contracts, built-in storage, API, payment and loyalty.

Loyalty Cross-chain: An entire service for loyalty programs on the blockchain. Saving deployment costs, short go-live time, reducing transaction fees, cross-organization redemption, and enhancing customer experience.

Defi service: Focusing on exchange tokens to easily pay or exchange loyalty assets.

About Creator Chain

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp and other services to empower the NFT economy. The project has an incredibly friendly UI and multiple enhanced background services. By filling out some initial information and a few clicks, anyone (with or without IT/Blockchain skills) can simply go-live a Smart Contract or DApp.

Find out more about Creator Chain:

Website: https://www.creatorchain.network/

Telegram Chat Group (EN) https://t.me/creatorplatformglobal

Telegram ANN Channel (EN) https://t.me/creatorplatform

Medium https://creatorplatfor1.medium.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/CreatorCTR