Kardia Ventures leads the strategic round of Kripto Galaxy Battle — an exclusive KRC20 blockchain game on BecoSwap and KardiaChain Ecosystem

Kardia Ventures
4 min readSep 1, 2021


As the blockchain gaming projects are getting more popular than ever, the gaming industry would drastically change at a bullet speed once the blockchain adoption kicks in. In the KardiaChain ecosystem, blockchain projects are becoming busier, with more and more gaming projects developing and leaving their mark on the industry. As supporters of blockchain, Kardia Ventures, the investment arm of KardiaChain, is excited to announce the strategic investment in Kripto Galaxy Battle — the first NFT Idle Game on KardiaChain with the sci-fi storyline and Defi know-how from its incubator.

Throughout 2021, Play-to-earn became the most trending topic in the crypto ecosystem and is a critical element instrumental to the recent bull run. Diversification, qualification has become the elements when choosing the next partner to collaborate with. Kripto Galaxy Battle has become one of the top candidates with the experiences from Cyforce — a game studio that has developed tons of wonderful games, the game studio with more than 100M+ installs of their game applications on Google Play and App Store. Cyforce has been developing exclusive Stickman game titles for OneSoft Global — the international — scale game publisher behind Falcon Squad, 1945 Air Force, Emoji Block Puzzle, and lots more. 50+ launches, 300 mil installs, and 5 mil daily active users.

Now the partnership with the incubator BecoSwap, and finally, the strategic game economy that comes up with the attraction of the Play-to-earn model. Different from other games in the industry, the game collaborated with BecoSwap to develop the infrastructure and economy, which facilitated further development in Defi, for example, farming, staking features, or even the NFT marketplace. The game has successfully conducted the IFO on BecoSwap itself with the remarkable oversubscribe of 1200% and committed with over 4 million USD and will launch the game with BecoSwap under Gaming Section. Users can craft in-game characters and items on BecoSwap Platform and trade on Becoswap NFT Marketplace.

BecoSwap is the top 1 farming platform built exclusively on KardiaChain, born and won as the Runner-up in the first-ever KardiaChain Hackathon “Pioneering Program”. The joint ventures between BecoSwap and Cyforce game studio to create an exclusive game on KardiaChain platform has brought about one of the biggest interests from Kardia Ventures, whose fund has contributed to the overall development and success of the KardiaChain Ecosystem. Kardia Ventures, hence, is very proud to be on the investment board of such a gaming project.

On this occasion, Son Nguyen, (Nguyễn Vũ Sơn), Founder of Kripto Galaxy Battle and CEO of Cyforce Game Studio, stated: “We believe that our grand vision will attract the masterminds. With the support from Kardia Ventures, we are like fish in the water. The investment, and more, the connections and official backing from the foundation is one of the most notable assets to sharpen the strategy and long-term direction of our project. It is a grateful opportunity to boost and refine our partnership with KardiaChain, together with achieving the mass adoption through KardiaChain blockchain technology.”

“This is a game made by Cyforce Studio, in collaboration with KardiaChain Developers. We choose to completely build on KardiaChain so users can ignore gas fees and transaction speed problems. The idea of ​​mining is now bypassing the complicated learning curve, instead, they directly understand how to play the game and earn the benefit themselves. We are into the product, with a list of functions available to show our commitment even before running marketing.” said Lew Tran, advisor of Kripto Galaxy Battle, Head of Engineering at KardiaChain.

Dr. Thang Huynh, Head of Kardia Ventures shared his thoughts for this meaningful investment: “This is proof of the diverse opportunities at KardiaChain, as long as participating projects wish to find their own way to onboard onto the blockchain. As the national blockchain of Vietnam, KardiaChain always scales with creative minds, and uses our own foundation to build new projects, regardless of fields and genres. GameFi market is no exception.”

Kripto Galaxy Battle is an Idle Play-to-earn project gaming experience. Based on the Idle category, the game will be very easy to play, while attracting users with a strong focus on the mechanism of the games, allowing for more players to enjoy the initial start. As the game progresses, battle features of PvP and PvE will be added, along with events. Users enter the production line as a strategist with the aim to build a strong economy of their own before the uncompromising war while exploring the Kripto Galaxy’s universe. It’s an exciting game that has many different hidden valuables awaiting the users to discover.

The NFTs are the heart of the game. Not only are digital collectibles created using blockchain technology, but all NFT can also be integrated into games in the form of NFT cards, which will help them increase the value. Each card and item of Kripto Galaxy Battle is a unique, genuine asset. Players can craft their assets with incredible weapons or helpful tools to engage them in various thrilling battles. To purchase these units, players can directly visit the BecoSwap NFT marketplace.

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